Saturday, September 4, 2010

aku ckp ini WASTING TIME tp kakaQ bilang ini EXPERIENCE ~

 do do do . do i ? do i wasting my time in this almost 4 years giving my damn love to him ?

no no no . my sista said this is my experience for reaching a mature love . really ?

eii . what the goat ! i can accept it but cant forget it . am i wrong ?

thanks for all of my supporter . i cant live without y'all guys . you are my spirit .

especially to my sista and my soul fucking friends , wawa , mia and most of them .

wawa nomel : do not hate him . whatever did he do , he still our friends till the end . we still have a funny time a few years ago :')

mia : stop ur fuckable words dear . trully its make me so2x sad 2 hear it . i know you care but we must accept the fate that given to us . most be srong to face it .

now , im start crying . yeah i must let it out to make my heart free . its hurt . really hurt . huhuu . how can i live after this ? i dont know . still cant think normally . i need my MEDICINE !! must found it .


yeah . btl juak my bro surianto suband says . thanks for your opinion . wlupn ia sakit tp skurg2xnya kt pernah mmbahagiakn org yg kita syg . gue salute lhoo bro :')

i dont know what to say anymore . make me cry more .

adios ! cheers !

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