Tuesday, August 3, 2010

pergi sejaa law kaw mao . .

morning fellas ,
hope you always have a very2 nice day ;)
just woke up from my sleep .
but still sleepy .
huhu .
dont know why .
didnt get enough sleep .
for this last one week and until now .
so shit !
im just thinking too much about me and him .
regretting ?
absolutely . now ?
its to late to say a few words for him .
just wanna wish for him if he was reading this writing ,
hope you always happy with your life ,
get your blissful all the time ,
your friends always be there for you .
supporting on whatever did you do and wanna do .
me ?
i cant anymore .
just cant .
cuz i think ,
we are not in one heart anymore .
its just seperated by time and year .
both of us are changed now !
really change .
making sadness for me cuz everytime i need you ,
you didnt have time for me .
i know its so stupid to say this .
so immature ,
so childish ,
but what can i do ?
i need you that time .
yeah thats true what your friend say about me .
i didnt understand your situation .
yeah ! whatever lha .
i always be the guilty one .
bha nda pa lha .
i accept it as well .
im listening for pergi song .
than i was thingking .
i should let you go .
like the song .
huff ~
its hard to make this decision .
its good for you .
last word for you ,
you are so damn good fuckable
for me man !
bye .
adios . cheers !