Friday, August 27, 2010

what is your favourite colour and why ?

haha . hello peeps !
today i'll talk about our favourite colour and his relevance on our daily life .
lolx , orite then .
i took this question from diana rikasari cuz i think its sweet .
so sorry sis im take it without your permission . hehee .
guess what , im truely in love with your bloggie . 
dont know why . its just giving me some inspiration for making my blog .
actually im entering this bloggers cuz i like writing . 
i cant stand looking at pen and papers . 
lolx . so i make decision to make blog . 
then start writing . hehee . 
back to basic , oukie . emm . 
my favourite colour is PURPLE .
die hard fans ou . hahahaa . 
cuz i think purple describe me as well . 
cant live without this colours even in one second . 
like to looking at everyday . 
never miss in all of my stuff .
but sometimes i was asking myself .
why ? why ? and why ?
never get the answer until now . huhuu .
then im in love with RED colour too .
so daring and sexy i guess . hahaa .
but didnt like it very much as my purple colour .
RAINBOW colour ?
awesome !
so colourful . hehee .
like it two three four .
hahahahaa . back in my kids world .
sweet :)
got nothing to say ,
adios ! cheers !

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